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Mad Dad Minnow 2.5"
Mad Dad Minnow 2.5"

At last a combination of hard bait action with the feel of soft plastic. The new Mad Dad minnow has a wild vibrating action when retrieved and can be fished at any depth. It can be fished with double hook or remove the hook hanger and swap with a treble or single hook. For best action use with a snap. This is a very versatile lure and can be fished many different ways. 1 rigged with a double hook.

01-Ghost 02-Blue Back 03-Chub 05-Shad
06-Moss Green 07-Red Fin 08-Orange Belly Moss Green 09-Yellow Belly Moss Green
10-Gold/Black 11-Chartreuse Perch 12-Texas Red 13-Sparkle Shad
14-Baby Bass 15-Pearl Chartreuse Black Back 16-Electric Chicken 17-New Penny
18-Blue Sparkle 19-Clear 20-Crawfish 21-Chartreuse Blue Back
66-Watermelon Red Candy 72-Crappie 80-Pink Lady 81-Sexy Shad
Price: $2.92